Very Realistic YA

Over the past week, there has been a fun theme trending on Twitter. Tagged under #VeryRealisticYA, people have been coming up with plots for YA novels that are similar to real life scenarios. Can there be tags like this more often??? If you check out this page, there’s a bunch of great posts people have made up. Or better yet, just check out the hashtag itself. In lieu of this oh so fun theme, I thought up a few more to go along with it:

-Reluctant 16 year old is chosen to save the world. At the last minute he gets cold feet and doesn’t want to do it anymore.

-After an emotionally-charged incident, girl cuts off her long beautiful hair. She does a horrible job, regrets it immediately.

-Hot enigmatic guy asks introverted girl out; girl accepts, and learns he lacks depth in character.

-Girl has to make a choice between choosing her path versus the boy she loves. Girls puts it off for days, and still can’t come to a decision.

-Girl eats her feelings with three pints of Ben and Jerry’s breaking up with her bf, gets stomach ache afterwards.

-Boy expresses his feelings for girl in front of school. Girl runs away in humiliation, and an awkward silence follows.

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