Seen and heard this month


What babe???

Lots of baby. My exposure to them has been limited up to this point, but because my 6 month old nephew is visiting for the month, it’s gone through the roof. I feed, sleep, sing, dream, and play baby.

Orange biscotti. Made this the other week to try out, and it turned out fairly well. With the chocolate, kind of like a cookie version of Terry’s Chocolate Orange.

This is Where I Leave You. I heard that it was a good movie, and you know what? It was! A pleasantly touching family-oriented movie featuring Tina Fey and Jane Fonda, minus the usual s[cr]appy schmaltzy stuff. I was especially surprised by Jason Bateman’s performance, because his role was so much more real and different from his usual dry and sarcastic characters.

Magic in the Moonlight. Ok, Woody Allen’s movies are not for everyone. But I happen to like the look of the 1920s (or any period piece movie for that matter), so automatically I would be into this sort of film. Not to mention… It’s set in the south of France. *swoon*. In the movie, not only have we got a magician (Colin Firth) trying to debunk a young psychic’s (Emma Stone) abilities, but we have plenty of (enviable) romping around the sunny French countryside, along with some hip 1920s parties going on. And while the idea of a 50+ man setting his sights on a 20 something young woman (and vice versa) may be somewhat unappealing, I still thought it was a cute movie. Come on… It’s Colin Firth. Exceptions can be made. I wonder how many women would make that exception?

Agent Carter. Oh me, oh my, we needed this tv show. It’s truly a breath of fresh air in the male-dominated world of action heroes. The best part? Peggy’s her own hero: she has her own kick ass fighting skills, rather than put-upon super powers. In a time where women had a second place in society, Agent Carter makes up for it. The second best part is that she does it in red lipstick and heels.

Francis. A creepy animated short I came across earlier this month. Interestingly enough, I went to the park that’s mentioned when I was 17 on a canoeing trip; it’s a good thing this video didn’t exist back then, otherwise I’d probably have been freaking out the entire time.

Currently reading: Jane Austen’s Persuasion. I’ve only read a few of Austen’s novels (P&P and Sense and Sensibility), and I found them to be somewhat of dense reads, but Persuasion I’m liking.

Heard: She and Him Classics. Hey, good music liiiiiiives.

A is for Apple. Ok, it’s not essential to listen to (it’ll give you ear worm!), but this is my nephew’s favourite tune, and therefore, I have been listening to it/singing it to him on a frequent basis. The good thing is–for me, anyway–it’s a tune I don’t really mind having stuck in my head.

Clearly, it’s a David Bowie in Labyrinth kind of day.


Resolutions I will be making vs resolutions I won’t be making

Remember this guy??

Welcome to 2015! I’ve declared this to be the year of living dangerously for me. And by that, I don’t mean dangerous, like bungee jumping (I’m not that kind of risk-taker), but taking bigger steps outside of my comfort zone limits, and just going for it. What I want is out there (much like the truth, but to a lesser extent), and I’m going to do my damnedest to reach for it. Any other potential resolutions are just doomed for a weeklong lifespan.

Resolutions I will be making:

-Not to overthink things, which I tend to do. A lot. (And then I will think to myself, ‘dammit stop thinking so much!’) My solution will be to take some deep breaths and get on with it.

-To do the splits. Or at least get really really really flexible.

-Colour my hair. The urge is back. That could mean something potentially dangerous, like turning my hair unintentionally orange. But that’s what test strands are for… Right?

-Taking more pictures. I try to get out my camera every so often, and once I start, it makes life a little more perky. And better yet, memorable. (Hey! This is what was happening in 2015! Whoa!)

-Read at least 50 books this year.

-Cut back on internet usage. (See above.)

Resolutions I won’t be making:

-Cutting out any kinds of food, because… Food.

-Making time to go bungee jumping.* (Duh.)

-Resorting to passive-agressive behaviour. (well, maybe the odd time…)

-Using the slang term ‘bae‘, because it’s annoying and overused. (At first I thought it was some sort of odd reference to Beyonce.)

-Same with ‘I can’t even‘. Can’t even—what??!

*Maybe one day, but it ain’t on my list of goals for 2015.

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