Pop goes the week

Music to start the week.

Here we are, the last week of August! Well, I guess to say it’s been a rough month is an understatement. With all the trouble and sadness that’s been going on in the world, it makes you just want to crawl under a rock and stay there for a few years. But since that obviously can’t happen, the least I can do is provide a few amusing links. 

27 things you need to do before the summer is over. (I haven’t even done half of those things.)

Elephants enjoying some piano music.

Canadian Premiers posing like it’s 1864.

For those of you who are not over Frozen yet, Lea Salonga (aka the best singer ever) finally sings “Let it Go.” 

The first photograph of a human.

The evolution of female portraits.


And finally… 21 things to do before the fall. Just to, you know, balance the summer link.


This month so far

I can’t believe we’re thismuch closer to fall than we were a month ago, guys. Crazy. I comment about it every month, but August is just flying by.

So far it’s been an interesting month: surprisingly, I’ve gotten a few things crossed off my summer bucket list (yay!):

  • Colour my hair… At home.* 
  • Attend a concert (preferably outdoors)
  • Take advantage of fruit season. 
  • Make fruit galattes galor. 
  • Visit the farmer’s market. 
  • Take a picture everyday in August.  (well, almost everyday; will be back with pics this month!)
  • Make progress on my novel.
  • Sit by a lakeside.*
  • Pick up the guitar, which I have abandoned over the last year.
  • Eat one of those ice cream drumsticks. Or two. Or three. (Though not in one sitting.)
  • See a drive-in movie.
  • Take a road trip.*
  • Visit the CNE this August.
  • Start jogging.
  • Write, write, write.

*Sadly, I don’t think I’ll get around to colouring my hair this summer (as much as I’d love to), but it will have to wait.

*I made it to a lakeside after all! (Bonus points for taking the dog along)

*I took a day long road trip to Buffalo at the end of July. Even with it being only a few hours drive away, the culture shock I got in Buffalo was amazing. The cheaper products and food I was able to find there as well was equally amazing. (EAZY CHEEZE AND JIFF PEANUT BUTTER FTW)


I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy, which, I have to say, was probably one of the most amusing Marvel movies I’ve seen in the last while. (Ch-ch-ch-cherry boooomb!)

(On a random note, this song has been rolling around on my iPod shuffle, but it seems to suit my mood these days.)

How’s your summer been shaping up?