A few thoughts on “The Notebook”

So, I’ve been hearing plenty lately about how it’s been 10 years since The Notebook made its theatrical debut. It’s been that long, huh? I have mixed feelings on this. I remember hearing “bring your tissues!” or “be prepared to bawl!” As far as romantic films go in this day and age, I guess it could be considered one of the most enticing love stories, by re-knowned romance-touting author Nicolas Sparks (probably right after A Walk to Remember). For me, it was…. Ok.  I’m rather a cynic when it comes to his touchy-feely-mushy type books-turned movies. Sometimes he writes good lines, sometimes bad, and sometimes I just want to cry out to the tv, “Really??“.


  Sure, there are plenty of romance films I’ve enjoyed: Shakespeare in Love, Bright Star, Jane EyrePride and Prejudice

But I’ll give Mr. Sparks some credit. After all, he’s gotten how many movie deals on his books? So, allow me to give you my thoughts on The Notebook (though you may have already thought some of them yourself):

  • First off, the costumes and 1940s setting. For all that movie is, the costumes will always trump the overall story line (at least for me).
  • James Garner and Gena Rowlands are the second best part of the movie. Veteran actors! Noah and Allie growing old together! Though the outcome was rather disappointing.
  • And no, the ending did not make me cry.
  •  Third best part? The Georgia scenery. It was just really, really, pretty. Set in Savannah, if I’m not mistaken. I wouldn’t mind visiting, some day.
  • In terms of characters, that young Noah was sure… Persistent.
  • Or should I say, dedicated?
  • Dedicated enough to hang off the bar on a ferris wheel.
  • Allie was more or less annoying.
  • “If you’re a bird… Then I’m a bird.”
  • Yeah, sure you are. Pssh.
  • Talk about being seventeen and in love.
  • And her parents! Annoying! What a mama, hiding Noah’s letters from her for all that time.
  • Point goes to Noah for writing her every single day for a year. Even with a war going on.
  • And his friend dying.
  • And not to mention he tore apart and built up that house himself.
  • I’ll award the secondpoint to him,but that’s all. 
  • Let’s not forget, along comes James Marsden, as that handsome, war-wounded Lon Hammond.
  • … Who asks Allie out on a date even though he’s probably high on pain killers and pain itself, but ends up waiting for her however many months (or a year?) later outside her college building, all polished up in his uniform and leaning against his car and oh my goodness, if that isn’t perfection, I don’t know what is.
  • Even when I first saw it 10 years ago, I was all, “Noah who?”
  • Urgh, Allie should have defied the plot line Nicolas Sparks originally intended and swanned off with Lon instead. Permanently.
  • I’m kidding. Well, sort of.
  • I think I wrote this post just so I could rant about Allie not choosing Lon.
  • Heck, I would have chosen Lon.
  • It could have worked! Allie could have still written her book, dedicated it to Lon about her first love and her life up to that point, and then Lon could have gotten in touch with Noah and asked him to visit Allie, to see if he could spark her memory. Or even have him read the book to her.
  • Man, I could write a fan fic about that.
  • No, I’m wouldn’t I’m not that serious.
  • But then again, perhaps Allie was too free-spirited for Lon in certain ways.
  • Though I think Lon could have handled that.
  • Poor fellow.
  • Anyway, who would have guessed at the beginning of the film that the sweet old couple were actually Allie and Noah?
  • Sniff sniff.

The point is that The Notebook… Holds a particular power in the realm of romance. Whether you love it or loathe it, The Notebook will probably long be a modern-day classic. I myself can’t say much for it, mainly because Allie and Noah yell at each other a lot then end up furiously making out… But again, I loved the costumes.

And remember kids…

“It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over.”

(Too bad we couldn’t say the same thing for poor Lon.)

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