Wednesday Wonder

I have never before watched Bob’s Burgers, but this Tina Belcher amuses me greatly (which is why she’s worthy of a Wednesday Wonder). Kind of reminds me of myself when I was thirteen… To a lesser extent.

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Picnic at Hanging Rock



I have Turner Classic Movies to thank for introducing me to Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock. It’s as haunting as it’s visually stunning–take a group of proper school girls at the turn of the 20th century and place them in unfamiliar territory of the Australian wild, and you have an unsettling feeling as to what will happen next. Great, great movie.

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Girl with a curl

I can only dream of having hair as curly as Sally’s.

I come from a line of curly haired women in my family. It’s taken almost fifteen years of frustration, anger and hair product to get my hair under control, but I’ve finally come to a mutual understanding… More or less. And in that time, I’ve learned a fair bit about my hair, most of which I wish I knew about when I was twelve. So, as a curly-haired maven such as myself, this is what I’ve come to understand:

1. Not everyone’s hair is the same. Ok, big surprise. But as a teen, I had no clue what kind of hair I was dealing with til I discovered Naturally Curly, and eventually figured out the different hair types. That proved incredibly helpful! And everyone has their own method of styling. Meaning, not all methods will work on your hair. Hrm.

2. Those transformational curls you always see in commercials and tv? Not so realistic. (Unless you have a stylist on hand to provide the look.) It just made me angry because I couldn’t have it! But beautifully curled hair or not,  I’m guessing they had an extra hand styling them, even though it doesn’t look like it. Unfair.

3. Moisturizing is key. I’ve heard this a thousand times, but it is indeed true. Otherwise it’s dry and blechy.

4. Humidity, however is not. It should be avoided at all costs. Or at least, on days you can help it. Or just use hairspray.

5. A stylist who knows curly hair does wonders. As does the kind of cut you get. (layers! layers!)

6. Hair changes over time. (Surprise! Again! Not.) The way my hair curls now is definitely not the same as it did in high school. Thank goodness for that, because throughout high school, at times it looked like a mop. No, really.

7. On those really difficult hair days, a curling iron helps immensely.

8. Having straight hair actually changes your whole face, and it does so suddenly.

9. People also tend to notice the difference when you walk in with flat-ironed hair. Hmm. (“Your hair looks so nice!” “… Thanks!”)

10. Getting at short-short hair cut when I was 13 was a mistake, before I visited Halifax NS on one of the most humid weekends I can remember. Even though I would have never guessed it.

11. Any product by Aveda is pure joy.

12. Finally, whatever mood my hair is in, I may as well rock the curly look anyway, because it is the cat’s meow, and it definitely won’t be the same in ten years. Curls are a special thing; love em while you got em.

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Wednesday Wonder

The irony is that this has probably been shared through social media 1000 times over. Though perhaps that’s why it was created! But really, it’s something to consider. You know less than twenty years ago, we barely even considered how cellphones would become part of our lives (meaning, glued to our hips). Who would have guessed how addicted we’d all become to technology by this time?

Thoughts on a Friday

We are in there!

So, this week was rather dreary with rain and cold, and not much happened. But, it was also a week of starting over! At least in terms of this blog… So, here’s a list of highlights and low lights of what went down (and whatever else is on my mind):

  •  Saw Captain America: Winter Soldier last weekend. Really good. I wait in earnest for the next one! (Not to mention that it took me time to realize,  “woooow, what a hunk that Chris Evans is”.)
  • As a big fan of bright colours, I’ve taken great pride in wearing this lipstick. (The real kicker is that five years ago, I was too shy to wear lipstick in public. Yes. That was me.)
  • Snap chat. Explain. Explaaaaain.
  • And the mayhem continues with our world re-knowned mayor, off to rehab. I can’t even.
  • Raptors. I never watch their games, but I’m sure glad they’re winning!
  • I still can’t get over that Frozen Thriller video.
  • How do people come up with these comparisons?
  • The moment you realize j-school is complete.
  • Complete. As in, finished.
  • Still have to think about the future, but will think about this in the mean time.
  • This weekend, I will be out scavenging for potential Mother’s Day prezzies.
  • I will also expect to be sore from nearly three weeks without dance.

Have a great weekend, and be kind.


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