Come what May

(I’ve been meaning to get this up for a while, so bear with me if it seems out of date.)

And so ends my first year of journalism school. It feels like last September is light years away. Crazy how much we accomplished in that time period!

Last month alone was enough of an accomplishment. When you’ve got interviewing presentations, news stories, radio news broadcasts, and a magazine idea to pitch (cover+ 8 pages) it’s enough to send anyone into a tailspin of sleepless nights.

For me, stress has come in some surprising forms. And I’m not speaking of just the mere headache or sleepless night. Over the course of university, I discovered  stress came through things such as eye twitches, styes, and tingling hands. And even, though on a lesser occurrence (depending on the person), the late night break down when you realize you’re just so so tired and you’re positive you’re going to fail that presentation, and you just break down weeping because there’s nothing more you can do.

That didn’t happen to me this year amazingly.

The twitching eye part sounds funny when you read it, but when you’re staring at your computer and your left lower eyelid starts to involuntarily make sporadic bumps, it can be a real nuisance.

More recently, I learned that stress also came in the form of stinging sensations on the skin. I started getting this stinging sensation around my abdominal area, which in turn made the rest of my skin shiver.


Any how, I think everything went alright. Now I’ll just leave it up to my marks to decide how I’ll do next year!

So now that leaves me to this summer. It’s been looking a bit more promising than last summer, depending on whether I get an internship/job or not.

I’m also hoping to get a story out on the cancellation of the Ontario Ranger Program (which is completely nuts in my opinion), complete with interviews with former rangers. One down… Two to go.

In other news, I finally came down with a cold. After a solid school year of working through health and vigor and stress, my immunity caved. It’s not too upsetting, though. I’m just glad I got it now that school is out, otherwise I would have dreaded having to go, suffering through a runny nose. Thanks, immunity!

And now that school’s done for the summer, I’ve been able to read. Well, that’s not entirely true–I read on the way to and from school while taking transit. That’s considerably helpful, because I got to dwell on someone else’s problems instead of my own. In the past few months, I’ve tackled many a book, ranging from Letters from Guernsey , Jane Eyre, The Cat’s Table, and just recently the Divergent series. I tell you, that book made for some thrilling transit rides. And it’s going to be a movie soon. (Eeee!)

Having read Divergent, I had to turn to The Hunger Games, just to compare. I’m on the final book now, and so far so good. Maybe I should write my own dystopian futuristic novel, and give them both a run for their money. Ah ha.

I’ll finish off with a few interesting things from around the net:

-Well, if I didn’t just highlight this issue a few months earlier.

-An awesome feminist photographer and mother.

-I love this piece.

And that’s all. Time for me to give my nose a wiping, and I shall be back shortly!


And allow me to introduce you to my dog Sandy.