Mozart Monday

So, it was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s 257th birthday this past weekend… And everyone still listens to his music. Cheers!


A Matter of Life and Death

“Ah, these English! What is the good of kissing a girl if she does not feel it?”

I think this has become my new favourite movie. It’s hard to describe, but there’s something almost ethereal and magical about it.

Things I will and won’t miss about 2012

Ahh, 2012. You were a surprise to say the least. For the first while (as in the first 6 months) I wasn’t so sure things were shaping out to make a great year–my job prospects reeked, I had no idea where I was going in life, and things were balancing precariously on the shelf of my ever-looming future.

But eventually, as they tend to do, things gradually changed.

I learned things here and there, got better and/or worse, and found my footing. What I learned from 2012? Plenty. But I won’t describe it all here. Instead, I’ll make a list of things I will and won’t miss about 2012 (along with a few things I found on youtube to remind me).

Here’s what I will miss:

-The Summer Olympics. Despite the fact Canada didn’t do so swell at the games, I enjoyed watching them on tv, and was greatly saddened when it finished (which meant being back to boring tv). London, you sure know how to do an Olympics Opening Ceremony the right way! And finishing.

-Amy and Rory from Doctor Who. Guys, you made the new series awesome and was so very sad when you had to leave.

[Ok, fine, scoff at another one of my mentions of Doctor Who, but I will miss the double companionship.]

-The Transit of Venus. Cool, but I think everyone’s forgotten it by now. See you in another 100 some-odd years, Ms. V!

-Hearing this song on the radio multiple times, and for some reason, can’t help but listen to it even though you’ve heard it enough.

-Blood oranges. They’re in season about this time, but in case I don’t see them this year…

-The Election campaigns and its Memes. I dare say some of them made me laugh.

-The series Alcatraz. Out of all the tv shows to dump, why oh why did it have to be that one?? (And seeing as we’re on the subject, this one was messed up.)

-The movies I saw at the theatres. It’s a bit strange, but the few movies I saw (The Artist and Hugo) last winter make me feel nostalgic for them.

Now, for things I won’t be missing about 2012:

-The whole Gagnam Style trend–DONE.

-Being 22. Such an odd, incomprehensible age to be.

-The 2012 Doomsday Scenarios. Dare I ask what’s next?

-The 50 Shades/mommy porn phenom. Which will, unfortunately, probably continue for the next few years.  (That includes raunchy Jane Eyre rewrites.)

-The Rob Ford shenanigans. Well, maybe. That is, if he gets outed by council this month.

-Not having a job. It is true! I was lost and sad. With any luck, things will pick up this year. (One can dream, right?)

Which brings me to new years resolutions… I’ll be keeping em relatively simple.