Hobbits, rings and other things

I’m back. Though Christmas day is finished, the wacky and wild holidays are not, and I have enough time to include a post (surprise!).

Where shall I begin? Ah yes. The weekend after classes finished, I was thrilled with not having anything to do. The feeling continues, for I have done some baking, eaten plenty of baked goods (cookies cookies cookies), written/read some non-newsy related items, read, and most important of all–slept in(!!!!).

Just on Christmas Eve, I saw my first movie at the theatre since… March. I saw the Lorax. At long last there are some blockbusters out there! After a painfully long spell of duds.  It was also interesting because of my news feature I did earlier this year on Highland Cinemas and the switch from the use of film reels to digital. I did indeed notice the clearer picture without those little flickering spots that you would normally see on the film. So what did I see?


I loved it. Practically everything I could ask for in a fantasy film! Lots of excitement, dread, and running (including some fine looking Dwarven specimen.) Martin Freeman owned Bilbo Baggins.  In fact, would it terribly wrong to say that I like Bilbo better than Frodo? At this point in the trilogy anyway, before the Ring gets a stronger hold of him (sadness). It also made me realize that Bilbo is the better adventurer than Frodo in LOTR , and twice as gutsy. I think if he were 60 years younger later on, (without having been influenced by the Ring, of course), Frodo could have benefited from his company. We all could have! Just kidding.

Again, I loved it. But I also had a few quams; not with the movie so much as the running of the theatre, itself.

I begin my rant by stating first off, when did it become ok to run a slew of commercials before the start of the show? It wasn’t like this the last time I went to the movies. There were at least half an hour of them. I don’t pay good money at movie theatres to be bombarded by obnoxious/loud commercials I could get while watching tv at home (which are bad enough, thank you very much). The least you could do is keep audiences interested by running short films from independent (and preferably Canadian film makers and some fun film trivia. I don’t care for excuses of getting funded by airing these commercials. THEY’RE AWFUL AND IRRELEVANT. (Especially that damned Kudo commercial.)

Now onto my second issue, which crosses into feminist territory (so read at your own discretion).

I get that the genre of The Hobbit might be catered to male audiences (as it involves mostly males), but did they forget that female audiences take just as much interest in it, too? My problem here lies with the trailers. They looked good, sure. But all I saw in them was male leads with female co-stars only there to further the plot as love interests, and/or the victim. (Well, almost all of them.)  They consisted of Oz, starring James Franco; Oblivion, staring Tom Cruise; Man of Steel, starring Henry Cavill, and Jack the Giant Slayer (what the what?), starring Nicolas Hault.

I won’t get into the Hobbit, because I enjoyed it as it was (and that’s obviously how it’s supposed to be). I love a good action/fantasy film as much as the next person that stars a good looking hunk, but how about featuring a fantasy film with a female in an empowering lead? Yes, you can argue some strong female roles out there. But I’m talking about someone  overdoing the sexiness of her character, with more wit and kicking more ass. Who–no where are the big name female film writers that can come up with these stories?

As a female viewer watching a male fantasy/action film, I would have liked to see more of this. No wait–I still would. And frankly–and maybe I’m over-reacting on the subject–I think it’s unfair.

It seems to me that there is a significant lack of female action/fantasy/sci-fi heroes in films these days. (If I happen to overlook someone, do remind me, because my memory is dim.) I don’t know if producers just aren’t going for that stuff, but something need’s to give in the line of today’s movies. But I’ll speak more on that another day.

Ah. Ranting done. It also made me think of a line from Mad Men that I watched a little while ago. Maybe it’s not entirely relevant to this, but I think it is in some ways. That, and I like watching it. (Unless you can relate it to Galadriel! She can be like a pot. Which in turn, does not produce a sexy image. Apologies.) That, and I like the fashion. Ever the 60s fashion.

In other news… Snow! That, and Doctor Who. The upcoming season looks rad.