Surprise post

Well, just when you may have thought I wouldn’t be back til after Christmas, guess again. Seeing as this is a time of high anxiety with the endless list of things to get done, I figured a few small posts wouldn’t hurt… Especially if they are ones that can be considered relaxing. And right now, this is pleasant enough to lull me into a Paris-induced trance.


‘Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana’

Three weeks–or is it two now??—left in the term. And jam packed into these final three weeks are a news feature, an ethics report, two reading reports, a photo essay, an environmental portrait, an obituary article… And possibly a design layout page that’s eight pages in length (correct me if I’m wrong).

Oy vey. I think some stress baking is in order either this weekend or next.

File:Meme - Clapping.gif

But yesterday, a judge finally ordered Rob Ford out of office.

And yesterday, we went to City Hall to descend upon the action. If I had pictures, I would have taken some. But I did get some sound bites.

Will return when I’m less busy. Possibly after Christmas.