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How Humans Sound to Whales

I came across an interesting article about how whales–or at least one in particular–that have learned to imitate human sounds. I don’t know what humans this particular whale had been listening to, but I’d say that’s a fairly accurate depiction. (I laughed when I first heard it.)

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Scary movies

October is the prime month for scary movies. Admittedly, I can’t watch too many of them because the suspense is simply too agonizing for me to bear. But also admittedly, I have some favourites. If I’m going to sit through a horror movie, it has to be well written, legitimately creepy, and/or psychological (and perhaps keep me awake the rest of the night). Here are my favourites in no particular order:

1. Ringu. I’m pretty sure it was the first horror movie I could actually sit through without having to leave the room. The atmosphere’s charged with a foreboding vibe that doesn’t need to come with many special effects; only musical stabs and sounds that get under your skin. No, really.

2. The Uninvited. A good paranormal movie from 1944. When I was a kid, I was notorious for walking out of movies that scared me, only to come back in to see the terrifying bits and run out again. (I still do that, on occasion.) This one was one of them. Once you get past the ’40s shmaltz, you’ll find that the black and white effect ups the creep factor. Not to mention the things that can’t be seen, but definitely felt.

3. Saw. Oh, the gore! The torture! But still very interesting to watch. That Jigsaw is a smart one.

4. The Shining. Once I see it on tv, I can’t help it. I’m glued. I’ve seen it plenty of times, I know what happens. It doesn’t even scare me all that much, but I still enjoy watching it. “Come play with us, Danny.” NO THANKS.

5. Pet Cemetery. Yes, you read that right. Steeped in the ’80s and ’80s effects, it contains elements I’m not too crazy about: dead animals, dead knife-welding toddlers, and Zelda(!!!). But it’s still lots of fun.

6. Black Christmas. No no, not that recently badly made version, but the 1970s one. It’s scary. And again, I’m always sucked in.

Next up: Scary movies I should probably watch, but won’t.

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Mac versus Malvern

Believe or not, when I was in high school I never attended a football game. Not a single one. (Mainly because I always forgot they were going on and didn’t even think of heading outside to watch. Whoops!)

But of course, time would have it that I’d eventually revisit the high school I hailed from years later, and watch a football game. And you know what? It was really fun to watch. It made up for all the games I missed in one afternoon, and we won. (Mac pride, yay!)